A dryer vent is a vent that is connected to a dryer that helps screen lint and remove exhausts. If this is not cleaned, it can cause a serious fire due to combustion. In addition, it will take much longer to dry your clothes, wasting more gas and electric, and cost you a lot more money in utility bills. We make sure that our customers do not need to worry about the harmful gases that are emitting from the vent that could be very poisonous like carbon monoxide, even a minor level of carbon monoxide also causes nausea and severe headache, and therefore this matter is serious and should not be taken lightly. Sometimes lint that accumulates in the vent catches fire due to overheating of the motor and that can be very dangerous as well. Cleaning is very important if you are using your dryer frequently or you haven't cleaned up within the last year at all. The local government is making an effort to reach out every home and aware them of the dryer vent’s negative aspect. It’s your health that matters to us the most, it’s always about you being healthy. NY Steamers provides the best of all we can to do to protect you from the radiating problems that are so common in every place. NYC dryer vent cleaning ensure efficient working of your dryer and also reduces the major risks and keep your home safer. Call us now for your family’s safety; be enlightened, be safe! Do not leave your families in harm's way! Give us a call today. We serve our loyal customers in: Manhattan, NYC (New York City), Brooklyn, Long Island City, Queens, Jersey City, Westchester. We give our best and loyal services to our customers providing satisfaction and love for their home.


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