Stains and odors on furniture, carpeting, or drapes can ruin your otherwise picturesque home or office environment. Even one little spot can sometimes ruin the ambiance. Likewise, odors make it hard to be in certain rooms. Many people believe that one bad stain or one foul odor means the end for their carpeting, furniture, drapes, or mattress. However, NY Steamers in Queens can help you get out those hard to remove stains and odors. Why is it that our favorite foods and products can leave such nasty stains? Wine, chocolate, lipstick, and spaghetti sauce leave a great taste in your mouth, but a terrible spot on fabrics. Similarly, the pets we love so much tend to account for a majority of the stains and odors found around the house. These are some of the hardest odors and stains to remove, but NY Steamers has many years of experience tackling the toughest of spots and smells. Learn more about our expert stain and odor removal options below. We also provide our service for stain removal in Manhattan.



Friends, family, guests, and pets: you probably love having them in your home. What you may not love, though, is stains they may leave behind. Incidentally, children are often the biggest culprits, with pets following closely behind. Instead of getting angry with your pet or child, why not call NY Steamers to fix that accident once and for all? The best thing you can do when an accident occurs is stopped, leave it, and call NY Steamers immediately. Trying to wash the spot out yourself may just make it worse. Additionally, letting the stain go unattended could result in the stain set, which may make it more difficult to remove. On top of that, if there is an odor associated with the accident, then it could get worse the longer it stays in the fabric. To prevent more complications, call for a steam cleaning right away.



Do you want to get rid of stains and odors in your home or office forever? Getting rid of stains in New York City is not an easy task, s people are too much busy in their work and life. Then NY Steamers is the cleaning company for you. Our teams have a few different approaches to removing spots and smells from textiles. First, it’s a great idea to do a sample area of the fabric being treated to make sure that the treatment is the best option for you. Most people go with steam cleaning, because it is the most fabric friendly technique available. However, deep shampooing is also available. This is why our staff’s first step is to ensure the treatment you’ve selected will get the job done right. There are so many things that can cause odors and stains. The majority of these types can be removed by NY Steamers. Odors from trash, pets, paint, compost, or solvents can be eliminated. Also, stains from pets, trash, solvents, liquids, food, cosmetics, bacteria, or paint are often removable. Your first step is giving us a call to have one of our team members come visit the property to take a look at the damage. Then, the damage can be assessed, a treatment can be selected, and NY Steamer's crew in Brooklyn can get to work.



Keeping pets is not an easy task in house. People in Jersey City love their pets but sometimes they make the occasional mistake and our carpets, furniture and area rugs take a beating. Our NYC pet & stain odor removal services use green, eco-friendly, safe products to clean your carpets, and restore your furniture, leaving you with an amazing smell that will leave you asking for more. We use chemical free products that make it safe for your pets and children. Pet stains and its odor can be quite difficult to remove. Call NY Steamers today we also provide our worthy services in Westchester, for a safe steam cleaning.



Whether the stains and odors plaguing your property are old or new, there’s no day like today to get them out of your life. Don’t let these things go untreated any longer. You don’t have to live with the spots and smells that are bringing havoc into your life. NY Steamers wants to help you transform your carpeting, furniture, mattresses, and drapes back into the items they were when you first bought them. Our experienced teams can help you bring out the vibrancy hidden beneath those stains and odors. Call us today to schedule your estimate appointment. NY steamers in Long Island CIity provide their best services for their customers.


With just one click, our team of serviced professionals can be by you in no time to give you a free on site estimate. We operate out of NYC, and our crew is probably near you right now. We are flexible around your schedule. Call us today at 1866-547-8326 or leave a message below.