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A beautiful area rug can really tie a room together. Sometimes it acts as the centerpiece of a dining room, living room, or family room. It can be equally as effective in an office space. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and your area rug could get damaged. Over time, these things are bound to occur. Even the smallest spot on your rug could ruin the atmosphere of the room. Thankfully, you can get rid of spots, stains, and odors from any area rug. That’s especially good news for antique rug owners, but anyone with an area rug they love can benefit. NY Steamers in QUEENS offers two types of cleaning services for area rugs: deep shampoo and steam cleaning. Both methods have their benefits. For example, steam cleaning is great for textiles that aren’t water resistant. Steam cleaning area rugs are actually done by shooting heated water into the fabric and vacuuming it out immediately. This method is safe for many materials used to make area rugs. On the other hand, deep shampooing can be used to treat specific areas that have tough stains.


NY Steamers in LONG ISLAND CITY is known for their specialty in handling the highest quality rugs there are. We understand the science behind getting your Persian, Oriental, or Navajo rug cleaned, and we understand how precious these items are to you. Finding one of these handmade masterpieces is a task in itself. With that, these beauties need to be maintained and cleaned. You would never trust just anyone with this task, and that's the way it should be. You also wouldn't go trying a home remedy on such an expensive worth. You must protect your investment. At NY Steamers, our team of professionals understands the chemistry behind cleaning these types of fine rugs. You can expect nothing but perfection from NY streamers in Westchester.


You may have heard of deep shampooing or a steam cleaning before, but weren’t sure about the process. The process and chemicals might be a particular concern if you have a prized antique area rug that needs some care. Materials used to make certain types of antique rugs may be sensitive to water or specific chemicals. The best thing you can do to help NY Steamers help you find out what kind of material your antique rug is made from. That way our team can identify with what may be the best kind of cleaning solution to use on your area rug. We have handled thousands of area rugs, and each one is handled in a different way, depending on the material and the condition. We provide our best services in Jersey City for the special care of your antiques.


In Brooklyn many customers aren’t sure if they should call a steam cleaning company just to remove one spot on their area carpet. However, NY Steamers specialty is to remove stains, small and large, from your favorite rug in any part of your home. Steam cleaning works well for getting out tough stains because the heated water used during the process breaks up particles in the fabric and sucks them up into the machine. You may also consider deep shampooing to remove the spot from your rug that’s been bothering you. Deep shampooing works well because the soap is massaged into the fabric to ensure that it’s been thoroughly cleaned. This method works very well for removing pet urine stains.


NY Steamers does more than spot cleaning not only in limited cities we also provide our services in Manhattan. Sometimes area rugs are damaged in more than one place. On the other hand, the rug may just be dusty and dirty from years of laying in disrepair. NY Steamers would gladly help you return your favorite living room, dining room, or family room rug to its original condition. Likewise, our crew would be happy to help you restore an old or antique rug. A complete deep cleaning of your area rugs can help you perk up your home or office space. In addition, NYC area rug cleaning company uses only pet-friendly, environmentally sound products in the deep shampoo and steam cleaning processes. You’ll be happy to know that while a crew will be bringing your rugs back to life, you, your family, employees, and pets will be safe from exposure to harmful chemicals. The non-toxic mixture used to supplement the deep cleaning and steam cleaning processes pose no threat to the crew or anyone else who is present during the cleaning session. NY Steamers eco-friendly complete deep clean can revolutionize any home or office space by thoroughly cleansing your area rugs. Call us now for a free estimate in New York City or other!


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