Organic Mattress Cleaning

Organic Mattress Cleaning service for a healthier sleep. Say goodbye to allergens and enjoy a fresh, clean mattress.

NY Steamers is a Top-rated carpet cleaning company in New York

At NY Steamers, we offer top-rated Organic Mattress Cleaning service in New York. Our professionalism comes from extensive training in regular and eco-friendly cleaning services, with a focus on outstanding customer service. Carpeting is comfortable, affordable, and adds warmth to your home or business, but it requires regular professional cleaning to maintain its beauty. Our skilled technicians receive extensive training in all carpet cleaning techniques, ensuring exceptional results for your mattresses and carpets. Trust us for a healthier, cleaner sleep environment.

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Organic Mattress Cleaning

We specialize in all your residential and commercial Carpet cleaning needs

Looking for top-notch carpet cleaning services in New York? Look no further than NY Steamers! As a certified and insured company, we specialize in residential and commercial carpet cleaning. With IICRC certification and Carpet and Rug Institute approval, we guarantee exceptional results. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and our skilled team ensures your carpets are spotless. Don’t worry about water-related mishaps; our professionals handle water extraction and thorough cleaning to protect your space from mold issues. Trust NY Steamers for reliable and efficient carpet cleaning services.

Dry Carpet Cleaning or Chem-Dry

Our dry cleaning process uses Chem-Dry, which is one of the best methods there is for deep carpet cleaning. This method is based on hot carbonating extraction that produces microscopic bubbles. The bubbles penetrate deep into the carpet fibers to loosen and remove hidden debris, dirt, and dust. An added benefit to this method is the thorough cleaning it does with less water than steam cleaning. When we finish, your carpet is far dryer than it would be with steam cleaning.

Anti-Microbial Cleaning

For exceptional carpet cleaning in New York, choose our dry cleaning process with Chem-Dry. This method, based on hot carbonating extraction, effectively removes debris, dirt, and dust from deep within the carpet fibers. Using less water than steam cleaning, our service ensures a thorough clean, leaving your carpets much drier. Trust NY Steamers for top-rated carpet cleaning solutions.

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About OurCarpet Cleaning Service

Experience our Anti-Microbial Cleaning service for a healthier home or business. After deep cleaning your carpet, we apply an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold, mildew, and potential allergen growth. Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers, this treatment ensures a clean and safe environment for your loved ones. Choose NY Steamers for expert organic mattress cleaning and antimicrobial solutions.

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