How Often Should You Really Be Cleaning Your Carpet?

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Intro: Every day, hundreds of steps are taken across your carpet, tracking countless amounts of dirt, germs, and bacteria around your property. Over time, this wear-and-tear truly adds up to a significant amount of damage and lack of cleanliness. In order to combat this accumulated dirt, all homeowners should be routinely cleaning their carpets, whether through a professional carpet cleaning company or via carpet cleaning services offered by experts. However, how frequently you should really be cleaning your carpet depends on a variety of different factors.  Read on to discover for yourself the best timeframe for you and your home!

How Often: The short answer —it is highly recommended that the carpets in your home be professionally cleaned once every 6 to 12 months in order to remove the build-up of grime and dirt. However, the actual answer depends on the unique conditions of your home. Not all houses see the same amount of action to their carpets. Homes with small children or animals generally accumulate a greater amount of dirt than a single homeowner might. Color, usage, size, fabric and more also affects how often your home requires the help of professional carpet cleaning services. 

If You Have Allergies: Households that have people with allergies living in them require more frequent carpet cleaning services than those that do not. An article from the Health line recommends that for those who suffer from allergies should steam clean their carpets several times a year, preferably monthly. You can read more about carpet allergies by clicking here. That’s because the allergens can remain trapped in the fibers of the carpet, continuing to irritate people on your property. While cleaning on your own by vacuuming and steaming can help to relieve some of the allergen irritation, contacting a professional carpet cleaning company ensures that all of the irritants are removed. Consider cleaning at least twice a year if allergies are a major concern in your household. 

If Your Carpet is Light: Light-colored carpets might look stylish and elegant, but they display dirt easier and therefore require professional carpet cleaning more often than dark-colored carpets. Carpet cleaning companies can brighten up your home and restore the luster to your interior spaces with deep carpet cleaning, as well to your upholstery cleaning and drapery cleaning. Lifting deep stains on bright white carpets can be challenging to accomplish on your own; it’s also harder to hide from visitors. Trust a professional carpet cleaner in NYC to assist with all of your carpet cleaning services. 

If You Have Pets or Young Children: As much as you might love having pets or small children running around your house, there’s no denying that both can cause a lot of chaos and damage to occur.  Dirt, stains, and all sorts of spills go hand in hand with children and animals. Therefore, your carpet will likely see a lot more stress. Keep your family healthy and clean by scheduling more frequent carpet cleaning services in order to maintain a comfortable home environment.  

If Your Cleaning Habits Are Infrequent: Cleaning the carpets can often be one of the last home maintenance must-do’s on a homeowner’s mind unless certain spills or stains are obvious. Dust and dirt hidden in the fibers of a carpet are often easily forgotten during home cleaning. If you are not regularly vacuuming and cleaning your carpets, then chances are that your home’s carpets will require a deep cleaning sooner rather than later. However, home carpet cleaning does not provide the same level of deep cleaning that your rugs require; therefore, it is still essential to undergo a professional carpet cleaning in addition to your own carpet care. 

Conclusion: At the very minimum, the carpets in your home require professional carpet cleaning at least once every 12 months. Carefully consider the conditions your carpets are kept in and determine for yourself if your property requires more frequent carpet cleaning services. NY Steamers provides professional-level deep cleaning services to carpets, area rugs, furniture, and more! They are the pros in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, mattress cleaning and more. They’ve got you covered anytime you need. Call us today for the best carpet cleaning in NYC! 212-715-8775


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