How To Remove Stains From An Area Rug?

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Intro: Accidents happen, especially around a busy home. All homeowners should be prepared to handle spills and stains that occur in their house, especially on sensitive, fabric-based materials such as on couches or carpets. While some stains on an area rug can be removed using DIY techniques and carpet cleaner, other spots require a deep cleaning that only a professional carpet cleaner can provide. Learn about all of the ways you can remove carpet stains on your own —and when the help of professional cleaning services is quite crucial. 

Fast Action: For an effective area rug cleaning, the best way to treat stains is to act quickly. As soon as the stain occurs, blot with a white cloth, dilute the stain using water and continue to blot at the affected area. Do not scrub, as this can weaken the fibers of the area rug, and it can also wind up causing more damage to your area rug as the more you scrub, the more you are rubbing the stain into the fabric. Placing a heavy object on top of the cleaning cloth can help the cloth absorb more of the spilled material as well. Repeat this process until the majority of the area rug stain is removed..

DIY Carpet Cleaners: If a stubborn stain doesn’t come up after your first area rug cleaning attempt and your home isn’t stocked with carpet cleaner products, DIY carpet cleaners are easier to make than you might believe. One effective option for area rug cleaning is to mix a small amount of white vinegar (less than a teaspoon) into a spray bottle. This method works against water-soluble stains such as jelly or drink-based spills. 

If you don’t have white vinegar on hand, diluted dish soap is also an easy DIY carpet cleaner option. Pour a mixture of warm water and dish soap directly to the area rug and allow the mixture to sit for a handful of minutes. Rinse the area after the mixture has been applied. This can assist in removing lighter stains from your area rug.

For truly heavy stains, the help of a professional carpet cleaner is recommended for the best results. However, an ammonia and water mixture is a decent replacement to use in a pinch. Combine one cup of water and around one tablespoon of ammonia and then apply it to the affected areas. This is only recommended on synthetic rugs. Therefore, in most cases, rather than risk damaging your carpet further with abrasive cleaners, seek the help of a professional carpet cleaner. 

Carpet Cleaner Products: In addition to DIY carpet cleaner products, there are also a variety of different brands currently selling carpet cleaners that suit any home. Before using a carpet cleaner, always spot test your carpet on a discrete location to see how the product interacts with your carpet. Some carpet cleaner can actually give more damage than help. Overusing carpet cleaners can also fade the color and strength of your carpet, so use it with caution. Depending on the carpet cleaner, certain types of stains, such as a red wine spill, are treated more effectively than others, however for red wine spills, our best advice would be to contact a professional carpet cleaning company that uses the latest technology and can remove red wine stains from your area rug.

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Conclusion: While there are numerous different DIY methods for area rug cleaning, nothing beats the assistance of a carpet cleaning professional. Use these techniques to immediately treat any small spills and stains that arise during a busy day, but on more expensive rugs with larger spills, don’t hope for good results —ensure them, by contacting NY Steamers! Call us today at 212-715-8775. We specialize in stain removal in NYC, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, drapery cleaning, pet and odor removal and more. We are here for you around the clock!